The Association Tininiska Italian non-profit organization born from the desire of a group of people willing to deal with the reality small and far from the gaze of the media. Hence his name in the Miskito language - an indigenous people of the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua - it means hummingbird.

The Association promotes activities to disseminate a culture of cooperation and implements projects in favor of the exchange recipoco between people of the North and the South. The projects in favor of disadvantaged groups to the lack of financial resources for physical survival, lack of education opportunities and the loss of cultural identity.

To give visibility to their initiatives, and a voice to groups that are normally outside the attention of the media, the Association also aims to rediscover and appreciate different cultures in the interests of exchange and reciprocity, both locally and international, playing a facilitating role in intercultural communication between the Italian civil society and that of other countries.

For this reason, the Association also carries out activities aimed at:

Raise public awareness on the issues of interculturalism, the identity of ethnic minorities and communication through opportunities for training and reflection.

Produce and disseminate information materials on the topics of intercultural and communication directed to the preservation of the identity and culture of ethnic minorities.

Giving voice to the problems of ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples in the context of global communication.