In November last year , as every year , our colleague Gianpaolo Honey, he traveled to Nicaragua to check the status of the projects of our association.

Project support at a distance: currently support 18 children and 3 in Puerto Cabezas in the community of Krukira (40 km from Puerto Cabezas ) . The children and their families were involved in the usual annual festival during which Gianpaolo took stock of the situation and was confronted with them on the issue of support for distance and direction of the project.

Health projects : we are beginning to check for any problems related to the health status of the children involved in the project to support from a distance, with the aim of identifying the most critical cases and take action through the development of small targeted projects.

Project Case: For several years there has been a plan to build homes for families of children most in need. Since 2007, have been put in about fifteen feet of homes thanks to many donations we have received and the local workforce . We have just completed the construction of the house Haimar , funded by a contribution of "The Gabianella " and fundraising in memory of the late Andrew Brescini .

Health center Krukira : At the beginning of 2013 we have built in the community of Krukira attached to a local health center used as a delivery room , allowing 42 women to give birth to their children. We are continuing work on the restoration of the roof and the purchase of beds and other material thanks to the financial support of the Cultural A. Wire and St. Vincent de Paul .

Cultural projects : For years now, we support the cultural activities of the association Tininiska Nicaragua ( which is based in Puerto Cabezas ) , encouraging projects aimed at the exploitation of the indigenous culture miskita , including the publication of documents collected and compiled by members of indigenous communities .